Our Story

HydroGenius™ was founded on two simple yet fundamental Ideas:

  1.  Our body's consist of an astounding 70% water and 43% hydrogen: On a day-to-day basis we tend to forget how important water is to every single aspect of our health; since the development of hydrogen-Infused water clinical proven studies (not to mention our loyal customers) show that hydrogenated water has many profound benefits. For instance: 
- Decreases Inflammation
- Improves athletic performance
- Increases energy and speeds up your metabolism
- Detoxifies your body (healthier/ younger skin)


2. We wanted to create an affordable, portable and reusable hydrogen infuser that you can take on the go without having to waste 100's of dollars on single use polluting plastic bottles!


Discover the modern, sustainable and sexy world of hydrogen water today!

Our Founders:

Founder and CEO: J.Rossmann

Biology engineer and designer: Mr Tom Haarmann